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Vernon Ah Kee

Year 11-12 Questions


Consider the work of Vernon Ah Kee and discuss how both his material and conceptual practice reflects concepts of identity


As a class, discuss broader concepts of identity; what does it consist of and what are some ways they are recorded? Create two mind maps in your VAPD’s

Vernon Ah Kee and Tony Albert Questions




Unwritten (Black), 2012, Etching

Tony Albert

Tony Albert Activity

Year 11-12 Art Criticism and Art History

Vernon Ah Kee and Tony Albert Questions


Frames worksheet



Circle, 2015, etching and aquatint, 210 x 210 mm

Lorraine Connelly-Northey

Year 11-12 Questions

Compare Connelly-Northey’s work with that of other artists who have worked with found industrial material such as Rosalie Gascoigne [1917-1999] and Robert Klippel [1920-2001]. Describe ways in which this work could be considered a re[representation of the landscape. What significance does recycling discarded industrial materials have for each artist? Discuss these ideas in class.


Study the series of Narrbongs, 2016 by Lorraine Connelly-Northey. Describe your initial response. Analyse these sculptural forms in terms of shape, form, texture, surface and line. Discuss the physical challenges of working with these materials. What does it mean to re-make a traditional Aboriginal object in the materials of pastoralism and industry? What do their histories and symbolic qualities bring to the reading of the work?



Narbong (String Bags), 2016, found materials, Various dimensions.

Dale Harding

Year 11-12 Question 

‘He creates an open dialogue with the public and challenges them to acknowledge and understand the impact of our nations un-written histories. Furthermore, Harding’s practice becomes an advocate for the positive change in the socio-cultural climate necessary to “lessen the burden of knowing that remains with his family and community.”

With reference to this statement by writer Wesley Shaw, discuss why an artist may choose to explore distressing subject matter using a visually pleasing form. In your answer, consider the conceptual framework.


Bright Eyed Little Dormitory Girls – Sack 1, 2014, Etching and aquatint, 300 x 215 mm


Untitled (I am the new Blak), 2014 Etching, 535 x 410 mm

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